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Floatmotion is a self programmed game fully written in Python I developped as a school project. This game can be controlled by the Leap Motion Controller but also with the mouse or your keybord and even on the touchscreen.

In this game you have to move your white sphere through a tunnel of cubes without hitting them. On the way you can collect lives (heart cubes), speed up or slow down the game (clock cubes) and you can make yourself immortal for some seconds with hitting the rainbow cube. There are 10 random generated levels and an endless mode. You can even use cheats or try a speed run. Have fun with my game that you can download free from the Leap Motion App Store!

I found a bug, or I have a cool idea for a new feature or something like this. Where is the best place to post it?
On GitHub https://github.com/nicoboss/Floatmotion. You can also send me pull requests if you already have done some work. Another option is to write a message under Skype to nicobosshard.

Powerpoint: Floatmotion.pptx